Hi Density Open Shelf Mobile Filing System Worksheet

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City, State, Zip
Phone Number
Fax Number
Ship to Zip Code
Ceiling Height
Overhead Fire Sprinkler Yes No
Computer Floor Yes No
Heated Floor Yes No
Heating Systems along the wall Yes No
Windows Yes No
Media Size (Circle All That Apply)
Letter Size / Legal Size X-Ray Size / Binder Size
Other Obstructions (Pipes, Columns, etc)

Very Important…
Sketch your layout below. Use inside dimensions. Mark the locations of doors. Detail door size and swing. Note windows, light switches, data ports, electrical outlets, fire alarms, and wall or ceiling mounted emergency lights. If you need desks, counters, or other items in this area, please draw them in as well.

- Hit "Ctrl +P" to Print
- Fax to: 954-792-2569